Give yourself the nourishment that opens you up to self-study of the mind and body, daily self-care practices, and using food as medicine invites a deeper sense of self-love and nourishment into your life.  

Meet Stephanie


She has a background in Ayurvedic Medicine, Culinary Nutrition, Massage, and Yoga. She uses these modalities to teach and inspire people how to easily acquire these new ways of being and living that provide a deeper sense of love and nourishment which also purify the body and mind, manage stress, and prevent states of dis-ease.

Lifestyle, Recipes & Yoga 

Food and Herbs as Medicine.

Learn how to create healthy nourishment into your life.

Gain deeper awareness of the mind and body.

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You Only Shine If You Choose To Grow

Being healthy doesn't mean being perfect, it's about being able to look at your current state of imbalance and take responsibility to do something about it! 


"Be the change you wish to see in the world."