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The body is truly fascinating...
I love watching the body respond to touch, taste, sounds, scents, and colors because it reveals its language. I've realized that once the body's language is understood, there is space for the expression of self care and love to come in and enhance one's overall life. I've witnessed this through my own life and I am here to assist those who want to create more love, joy, and ease into their daily lives through self-care, cooking and body awareness. 
My deep fascination of the body has lead me to spend a great amount of time studying it in many different forms: anatomy, physiology, exercise science, nutrition, lifestyle, herbalism, yoga,  trigger point therapy, post isometric relaxation stretches, hot and cold therapy, aromatherapy, color therapy, marma therapy, prenatal,  and doing my own personal healing, to purify my body, mind and soul to be a clear channel of love and light. I have found that doing my personal healing work and understanding the body's language provides me with a clear understanding of how to best assist each client. I've noticed this awareness brings a client into a deeper state of relaxation because the body intuitively feels loved, listened to, and safe.
The work that flows through me is beyond me, and I am truly grateful to be a witness of the divine energy that's at play when in session with a client. It's a humbling experience to be in alignment with my soul's purpose.  
I would not be at this place in my life if it wasn't for all the support, love, knowledge, and wisdom I've received from my family, friends, clients, and all influential teachers I have had and have, when learning massage, Ayurveda, yoga, and my soul.