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Ayurveda: The Guide Book to Healthy Living

Ayurveda means the knowledge and wisdom of life.


Ayurvedic knowledge teaches that in order to learn about the wisdoms and knowledge of life, we must go into nature. 

When we look at the world from an Ayurvedic Perspective we can see the elements of ether(space), air, fire, water, earth dancing with each other to create and maintain balance within our minds, bodies, and outer perceptions of the world.
















ether + air = VATA

The elements of ether(space) and air share the same qualities of cold, dry, light, clear. 



governs: movement

examples: blood circulation, heart beat, movement of thoughts, anxiety, the wind, hollow spaces in the body like space in the stomach
















fire = PITTA

The element of fire and water has the qualities of hot, sharp,  flowing, and moist.

governs: transformation

examples: metabolism of food, passion, mental clarity, judgement, growth of the body and soul.














water + earth = KAPHA

The elements of water and earth has the qualities of cold, heavy, smooth, dense.

governs: stability/structure 

examples: the bones of the body, roots of trees, fat of the body to protect the organs, cloudy "fog" brain 

Harmonious interactions lead to health while disharmonious interactions lead to disease. Ayurveda is the science that offers each individual to understand his or her nature of tendencies to develop greater harmony with the environment through all of the 5 senses to live in alignment with the cycles of the sun, moon, and seasons. 

How do you touch or receive touch from others?


What are you constantly looking at?


What are you constantly listening to?


What scents do you constantly smell in the environments your in?


What kind of foods do you eat everyday?

Also, how's your sleep? digestion? elimination? exercise regime?

We must study our lives in order to answer these questions, in truth, and sometimes we need assistance from an Ayurvedic Practitioner to see the big picture of how we truly live in order to make a change. Practitioners, like Stephanie, can prescribe certain foods, herbs, aromas, lifestyle practices such as: yoga postures, concentration techniques, breathing practices, self full body massage, neti pot, tongue scrapping, eye wash, ect. Each person is a unique individual so it varies on advice that is given during sessions. Sometimes people need to just be heard, so holding space is a vital aspect to sessions. 

Ayurveda's true purpose is to purify the body and mind to eradicate imbalances which is done from description up above. 

Recently, Ayurveda has been having a profound impact upon the world of health care. Along with the potential to heal chronic diseases, Ayurveda promises to provide each person with choices to improve health and increase longevity through self-care preventative lifestyle practices and using food as medicine. Ultimately, Ayurveda can show us how to heal but we must choose to put the knowledge into action for healing to occur.

Inquire to join workshops, on-going gatherings, or one-on-one client visits to understand how the elements interplay within your mind and body.

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