Make YOU Time: Benefits of Outdoor Yoga Retreats

Retreats provide rest and relaxation outside of the hustle and bustle of life. Many of us intuitively know we need to take time out to care for ourselves, but rarely get the chance because of the distractions in life. It may be worth carving time out to go on a retreat, even just for 3 days, once we understand the benefits of doing so.

5 Benefits of going on Retreats:

1. Practice Presence.

Retreats remind and teach us how to slow down. Most retreats in nature offer activities to practice presence through admiring the beauty, resting, hiking, yoga, ect. Yoga is the science of relaxation and presence. This is accomplished by asanas, body postures, and pranayama, breathing practices. Yoga classes in nature offer the solitude to look within, feel the feet on the ground, and look at the beauty all around. These actions release endorphins in the brain that make us feel content with what’s happening in the moment.

2. Love yourself.

Retreats open the space for nurturing the self. People have the freedom to choose what makes him or her feel good at all times. Actions of self-love remind us that we matter just as much as those we love.

3. Connect with nature.

Living in Nevada County allows all residents to have easy access to being in nature, but how many people take the time to be out nature daily? Most of us have jobs, families, and other responsibilities. There isn’t always enough time to get the daily dose of nature’s medicine, so retreats provide people to get a large dose of natures medicine.

4. Enhance immune system.

According to the Department of Environmental Conservation, being in nature boosts the immune system because we breathe in phytoncides that plants give off, which act as antibacterial and antimicrobial to our systems. Also, being in nature allows our nervous system to tap into the parasympathetic, rest and relaxation response, which allows the body to recalibrate its system, thus allowing healing to occur.

5.Improve sleep.

Picking a retreat that offers camping has an added benefit to improving sleep. The Circadian rhythm of our bodies is regulated by light. Light gets fed through the eyes and streamed to the pineal gland. The pineal gland helps to maintain the body’s internal clock by secreting the hormone melatonin, which tells us when to sleep and when to wake up. Camping gives us the opportunity to be in the natural rhythm of the sun, so we can reestablish our circadian system allowing for better sleep.

Yuba River Yoga Retreat

October 7th - 9th

The retreat will be held on the river side, near little town Washington just 40 minutes outside of Grass Valley. The solitude and healing power of the river will set the tone as you let go and tune in with yourself and all that is. Stephanie Rosignuolo and Lily Pantheion are the facilitators. Stephanie teaches Ayurvedic Yoga and practices Massage and Ayuvreda. Her yoga classes encourage students to feel and breathe as they tap into the structure, fire, and creativity they have within themselves. Lily Pantheion is a Medical Inuitive Shamanic Medicine Woman. She brings light where the darkness and confusion once stood. She has various ways of teaching others how to release darkness and bring fourth the light, and teaches meditation techniques to connect with the heart, body, mind and soul. October 7th -9th is a perfect time relax after the summer's heat and intensity, settle into fall, take care of the self and embrace it's message: "It's time to let go". During this weekend you will enjoy with Stephanie and Lily, daily yoga, meditation, journaling, rest, relaxation, drum journey, fire cermony of release, and vision quest. Since Autum is a perfect time for a gentle cleanse, the food provided will be cleansing fresh food. You are welcome to bring any other food you will like or need for special dietary needs. Please bring your own tent, camping supplies, bowl, utensils, journal, an item that brings you comfort, blanket, yoga mat, loose relaxing clothing, hiking shoes, towel, water bottle. There are showers and bathrooms on the campground Call/Text/Message to Register: (415) 519-4601 $100 Deposit to hold your space, or pay in full (so we can get a head count of many people) Remaining Balance due first day of Retreat $150 PayPal, Check, or Cash.

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