Beliefs That Make Us Age Faster

Have you ever said or heard someone say...

"I've been forgetful lately, the old age must be creeping up on me."

"I've been experiencing a certain body pain now that I am getting older."

"Now that I am older, I can't lose weight as easily when I was young."

"I've been experiencing dry skin now that I am older."

A lot of the times when someone experiences a health imbalance, she or he identifies with it. Meaning, the person thinks or believes that she or he is the health issue and not separate from it. That belief can make the person feel helpless that there is nothing to do about it but suffer.

What if that was only partly true?

Let's take a step back. If we can notice we are forgetful, feel body pain, or can't lose weight, there is a aspect of us that provides us the potential to create change. By being the witness of our lifestyles and food choices, it allows us to see that maybe how we are living and eating are the culprits to the forgetfulness, the body pain, or trouble losing weight, ect.

Let's take a trip into the world of elements. But first, we need to put on our Ayurvedic glasses!

Okay that's better!

Now we are looking at ourselves, others, and the whole world through an elemental perspective. Ether, Air, Fire, Water, Earth. The elements can either work for us or against us depending on what choices we make.

Ah, ether and air. Both contain the qualities of light, dry, subtle, and mobile. These interplay in lifestyles and foods...

Foods: granola, chips, popcorn, cereal


  • Thinking too much: keeps us in the subtle reality of life beyond the physical reality, we "see" or "hear" our thoughts yet they are not physical.

  • Watching TV, being on the phone or computer keeps us in the etheric realms too.

  • Excessive Travel: keeps the body mobile.

Imagine that person who is experiencing forgetfulness mostly eats foods and lives a life as mentioned above. Like attracts like. Forgetfulness is a thought that "moves" away from the mind just like the wind.