Turn Guilty Pleasure Into Pure Pleasure

We all have our "guilty" pleasures when it comes to food or lifestyle choices...

Why do we need to feel guilty about feeling pleasure?

There could be a possibility that we call certain things a guiltily pleasure because we know it's not good for us, but we still do it anyways. Yet where does the feeling of pleasure come in when feeling of guilt clouds the experience. Guilt does not bring fourth a pure, blissful, and amazingly pleasureful experience. Learn how to turn that guilty feeling of doing or eating something, into pleasure that not only makes you feel good but it's good for your body and mind too!

For awhile I had a guilty pleasure of eating cookies or any type of sweet every week. One cookie once it awhile is okay, but eating many cookies or sweets without moderation each week; there's a health problem brewing that's beyond that eye and I knew it.

The truth is I truly didn't feel much pleasure while eating sweets because I felt "bad" for doing it. I didn't fully "own" the choice that I decided to make simply because I knew eating cookies were not going to create harmony in my body, but create harm instead. Also, a surge of guilty thoughts would flood my mind like the thought that one day all these sweets would catch up to me and take away this beautiful body that I have.

The sugar in cookies or any type of sweet creates acid in the body. When the body is in an acidic state it creates inflammation in the body (pitta) which weakens the body's (ojas) ability to handle stress and achieve homeostasis (balance of PH, body temp, optimum work of organs). I knew I needed to change this habit, so I teamed up with a friend, who wanted to reduce sugar intake as well and got help from a detox master to teach me how to re-establish my gut microbiom and cleanse my body of parasites and bacteria that were making it impossible for me to have self control when it came to eating sweets.

During this process, I started to program my subconscious mind to be okay with letting go of cookies by saying "Right now, I will focus on fruits, beets, carrots, and sweet potatoes as my source of sugar."

Think about it...

It's a lot easier to focus on fruits and vegetables that contain sugar than it is to say "I will not have cookies or I will stay any from baked goods for an entire month.

Now, I'm creating a new pleasure that's PURE which entails my body craving fruits and foods that are actually good for me. I enjoy the juicy, sweet, fresh fruit and feel truly GOOD about it!!

Ayurveda awakened me to see that overeating sweets or doing any action that doesn't benefit my overall health is actually a problem worth addressing...

Ayurveda teaches that there are 4 causes of disease:

1. Forgetting our true nature as spirit

2. Making decisions we know are not good for us, but we still do it anyways

3. Aging due to time and motion

4. Distraction and Ignorance

For number 2, Ayurveda uses yoga and mantras to train the intellect to listen to the soul and wisdom from within. When we listen and make choices based on our true wants and desires- these choices propel us into creating more harmony within our bodies, thus supporting harmony in the world because when we are healthy we have better attitudes about ourselves, the people around us, and about the world!

Okay, so...

What's your guilty pleasure?

Send me an e-mail and let's talk about what steps you need to take to switch that guilty pleasure into a pleasure that's truly and purely amazingly pleasureful. Starting November 2018 I will be taking on new clients for Ayurveda. Sign up!

Can't wait until then, come to yoga classes that are infused with Ayurvedic knowledge I offer in San Francisco/Moss Beach Area click this for more info!


Dr. Marc Halpern. Principles of Ayurvedic Medicine. 10th Edition.

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