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Diana B.

"I have received healing and massage sessions from Stephanie. She knows her way very well around the human body. I have received from a regular massage to prenatal massages. She is very clean and careful and can't wait to get more services from her in the future."

Bay N.

"I've been going to Stephanie for years for many of my emotional, physical, spiritual well-being and healing. She is such a compassionate and knowledgeable person who uses many different modalities to give care and assistance. She will tailor all services exactly to what you need and what will serve you at the time! From home made teas, cooking classes or recipes, to the most superior massages. She is my go-to goddess for all nourishing things!"

Dawn S.

"I so look forward to my weekly in home therapeutic yoga sessions with Stephanie. Whether using yoga or massage, she is so intuitive about knowing what areas need focus or what type of practice I am needing for the day. I have had days where I am so anxious that I can barely breathe, and by the time my session is over I feel completely calm and at peace. She shifts my day! I highly recommend her to anyone!"

Aaron W.

"Stephanie has been my resource for healing in regards to my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being for 6+ years. Her passion of continuing to learn about her field is helpful because she has the ability to individualize her care for all her clients. I know I am not bias because all my referrals continue to see her after their first consultation. She is a teacher and a student. Her future is bright. She also does events! She was a huge hit at my party."


"I have been on a holistic journey with Stephanie over the years. I first start taking yoga and getting massages from her. And let me tell you, she's the best masseuse ever and I'm a massage junkie so I know! She never gives the same massage twice. It's always tailored to your specific aches and needs of each session. She also follows up with text if I had an intense massage, making sure I'm ok.

I also went though Ayurvedic nutrition series with her because I always been someone with GI issues. I learned so much about what foods work for me and those that don't. She customized recipes for me and we even cooked together. 

And when my family member went through a mental health crisis, she was a great resource for alternative medicine options and just a great emotional support for me. 

Stephanie has been my go-yo for maintain my physical, emotional and spiritual health. Friends I recommend her to, love her as well."

Fist G.

"I have had various massage therapists throughout the years, but Stephanie has been the best, and I have been with her now for about two years. She always follows up the next day to check in, or to follow up on questions I have about different aspects of my health. I feel very lucky that our paths have crossed."

Lisa M.

"Among Diosa Del Sol Healings many offerings, Ayurvedic cooking is one of my favorite. Combined with her love of cooking, Stephanie's knowledge about herbs and food as they relate with balance of doshas, as well as seasonal influences, is impressive. I continue to be amazed at the results I've achieved through following her prescribed adjustments to the way I eat. Stephanie's presence during consultations, her gifts, and most of all, her constant commitment to growing her knowledge and awareness creates an easy comfortable space conducive to new discoveries about ways of being."

Lily P.

"Stephanie's Professionalism, knowledge and Pure Light for living a healthy lifestyle is a precious gift for all. Stephanie is an Awesome Intuitive Massage Therapist. Knowing exactly what your body is needing to calm and relax the mind.. It even gets more awesome when you take advantage of her knowledge and depth of care, coming strait from the Heart as she provides guidance to just the right Yoga Asana's for your Particular body type and experience. Stephanie's knowledge of Healthy food and herb combinations has helped me to feel more clean, energized and providing tips to help me change many year old habits of over eating and grocery shopping for the right whole foods for my body and easy cooking.. I am in appreciation of Stephanie's dedication to bringing light and love to her clients world.  Thank You Stephanie for being the Light that you are ! Much Love, Lily"   

Kristi T.

"I have been a yoga student of Stephanie's for over 4 years. I was at first very hesitant to take up a yoga practice for the fear of failure! With Stephanie as my yoga teacher, yoga has felt like a warm blanket of comfort and security. From her instruction I have learned to embrace yoga and in turn rediscover my healthy flexible self! She is the most loving teacher you can imagine! I am so glad I took that chance and that Stephanie is my light leading the way. 

Ellla B.

"Stephanie always asks how I am doing and how my body is feeling. It really helps me put things into perspective while doing yoga! I love her style of teaching! She tailors each session to how my body is feeling that day."

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